Self Resilient  Self Reliant Self Rescuing

Here at survivor.ie you get the skills to weather the wilderness and vanquish you innermost fears.

In an entitled Society where anything under three stars is considered ‘camping’, survival.ie reverts to basics, teaching age old primitive skills that put our students back in touch with the natural environment.

Friction fire, fire with flint, primitive shelter, trapping and fishing all fall under the survival.ie remit. Even the preparation of game and fish for cooking is on our Prepper play-list.
Survival requires both physical and mental development. We show how the simple 5 C’s of survival can re-awaken the survivor in you.  Shayne Phelan has been practicing survival skills since the age of 14, having had a ‘Eureka!’ moment when the great Lofty Wiseman published the SAS survival handbook.

’To this day it’s the only book I have read cover to cover in one sitting,’ says Shayne.

As to survivor.ie he says: ’Survival is a serious matter, taught in a fun environment.’